Gift Feeds App

Graphic Design 3

2018 Spring

Paul Derby

Wish you knew what your friends really wanted for their birthday? Gift Feeds can help you surprise your friends with the gifts they always wanted! Based on your social media connections, Gift Feeds will search through feeds to show you the products or items your friends have posted about, and help you locate and buy that perfect gift. The purpose of this application design is to design an effective interface that allows users to search and curate gift ideas for friends and family.

Many people love to give present and gifts to their friends, but struggle with knowing what to give them or where to find it. Gift Feeds creates the perfect suggestions and gift ideas by doing the research for you. It reviews your friends’ posts, pictures and links to find the products they liked, or makes suggestions on similar products they might enjoy. To create a warm and friendly craftsmanship experience for the users, the background texture of the app is inspired by gift-wrapping paper. Even in a digital world, a user can still enjoy the experience of preparing a gift for a friend.

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